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Black Hornet: The Tiny Beast Drone of the U.S Military

Although it weighs only 0.63 ounces, the Black Hornet is the latest in spy technology. As a  tiny unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), it 
 provides superior reconnaissance of enemy positions. Brought forth by Prox Dynamics, this nano drone allows the U.S military to spy on prospective threats. Although it is small, the Hornet helps to save the lives of front line U.S military soldiers. 

Although expensive ($195,000), it is a precision instrument that can easily fit into a pouch pocket or a hand’s palm. A relatively simple drone, the Hornet is equipped with a high-tech camera and and is controlled via a remote device. Through a chest-mounted screen, the pilot or person operating the drone watches the video as it moves towards its target of operation.  A container on the pilot stores the data the hornet sends back. Therefore, if enemies capture the black hornet, they won’t know what the drone saw. The Black Hornet can last about twenty minutes in the air. Furthermore, its range is about two-thirds of a mile and it has the ability to film in normal light and infrared.

The Hornet was first developed in April 2008. However, it was approved for mass production in early 2012 only after it performed several test flights and went through all sorts of tests. At this point of time, the drone is deployed by the U.S military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Understanding the construction of the black hornet drone

Made up of a durable, plastic-shaped shell, the black hornet has an aerodynamic shape which allows it to stand firm against stormy winds. Hidden within its nose, three surveillance cameras are what the tiny black hornet is equipped with. In the complete black hornet system, you will find a base station and two unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). Each UAV or drone has a 120 mm rotor span and approximate length of 10mm. A lightweight drone, the black hornet drone weighs only 18 grams. This includes the weight of the surveillance. In fact, the entire black hornet system weighs less than a kg.

Features of the Black Hornet

Designed for ease of transportation, the aforementioned drone of the U.S military can fit in a soldier’s pocket. Along with their gear, U.S military personnel can carry the entire black hornet drone system. Thanks to the black hornet’s extremely small dimensions, the person operating the drone can use it effectively in threat-prone and congested areas. A good thing about black hornet is that it’s almost noise-free. This allows the person operating the drone to keep it hidden from enemies.

Requiring less than a minute to takeoff, the done is extremely effective in getting the job done, which includes spying on the enemy and providing the military with useful intelligence. For this reason, the military considers it  a significant asset.


The Night Vision Goggles Used by the U.S Military

Today, an essential U.S military tool is night vision. Using night vision devices, U.S military personnel can fly helicopters and fighter planes and perform covert operations against enemies and insurgents during the dark of night. A popular and widely used night vision device is night vision goggles. Over the past few decades, U.S military personnel have used these devices in ground combat and search operations. Currently, the U.S military uses the PVS-7 night vision goggles. Let’s take at a look at features of the PVS-7 night vision goggles.

Understanding PVS-7 night vision goggles

night vision goggles cut_image
A single tube and dual eye night vision system, the PVS-7 allows U.S military personnel to see in the night and in places where visibility is low. Also, by significantly reducing operator fatigue, the PVS-7 enhances the attention of the military personnel in search operations. Made of thoroughly tested components, the PVS-7 has proven itself in combat. This is the reason the
U.S military has been using it for decades. In order to ensure its long-term use, the PVS-7 is built lightweight and waterproof.

Supplied to the U.S military, the PVS-7 night vision goggles ensure excellent night vision performance. In order to ensure an outstanding performance, the PVS-7 night vision goggles provide users with a dual eye configuration and a generation 3 image tube. The PVS-7 features fully computerized image tube protection and easy to use controls. The PVS-7 night vision goggles ensure complete freedom of movement for users.

Night Vision Solider
An aircrewman on an HH-60H Black Hawk helicopter scans the ground with night vision lenses during an air assault mission to search for insurgents and weapons caches in Taji, Iraq, July 3, 2006. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael Larson) (Released)

An infrared illuminator also features in the PVS-7. Within the user’s view field, low battery and infrared operation indicators are displayed. In order to ensure comfortable use, the PVS-7 night vision goggles come with a fully adjustable and lightweight strap. Also, a number of optional accessories are available with the PVS-7 including helmet mounting bracket, infrared spot lens, compass and high magnification lenses.

For ease and operation, the PSV-7 has an intelligent design. A more natural viewing experience is ensured by the dual eye configuration. Furthermore, the PVS-7 has comfortable and soft head mounts. Made of battle proven night vision parts, the PSV-7 is extremely durable and features long-range lens. Finally, it is waterproof and encompasses tactile button. This ensures the long life of PCV7 and its use in extreme conditions. For long, the PCV7 has been employed as the primary U.S military night vision goggle. However, of late, the U.S military has started to consider more technologically advanced night vision goggles. This is what we’re going to discuss next.

The new-age night vision goggles of the U.S military

In 2018, the U.S military is set to introduce and equip its personnel with technologically advanced night vision goggles.

These night vision goggles are expected to feature thermal sights and be Wi-Fi enabled. The new-age night vision goggles will allow the U.S military personnel to study and reach their targets with pinpoint accuracy.