Understanding B61-12: America’s Most Dangerous Weapon

B-61 Bomb
B61 bomb in stages of assembly. The nuclear component is contained in the small, silver cylinder near the upper middle.

The U.S military has many weapons at its disposal and some are also used not just as a weapon, but also as a deterrent to threatening nations (The best defense is a good offense).  However, when it comes to an offensive defense, nothing is more frightening to an enemy than a weapon of mass destruction. In its arsenal, the United States has approximately 16,300 nuclear weapons. Of those,, the most deadly is the B61-12 nuclear bomb. To date, much has written about the B61-12. Unfortunately, most of it has been regarding its cost. Therefore, we will address the specifications of the B61-12 features in this article. So what does the B61-12 have that the other WMDs don’t? Let’s take a look.

The Features of B61-12 Nuclear Weapon

The U.S military takes pride in the B61-12 nuclear weapon and rightfully so. It is an intermediate strategic and tactical nuclear weapon featuring a two-stage radiation implosion design; in other words, this bomb is a monster that can gobble up the enemy with ease. The biggest benefit of the B61-12 is its usability. The low-yield and precision accuracy of the B61-12 define its usability. It is head and shoulders above the rest, as it’s the only nuclear-guided missile that the U.S. has. Compared to the 110-170 meters circular error probabilities (CEP) of other American nuclear bombs, the B61-12 has a CEP of just 30 meters.

The B61-12 has a maximum yield of fifty kilotons. Furthermore, for any particular U.S military mission, this yield can be lowered. Using a dial-a-yield system, the explosive force of the B61-12 nuclear bomb can easily be lowered. Thanks to these features, this device is the most usable bomb in the U.S military arsenal. Although it isn’t the most powerful U.S. nuclear bomb, its accuracy makes it the most destructive and fearful.

The low-yield of the B61-12 ensures that if there’s a nuclear strike, no mass and indiscriminate killing of civilians occurs. Compared to the three to four million that other nuclear weapons would kill, the B61-12 bomb would claim only seven to eight hundred lives. Just a few decades ago, it was considered naive to think that nuclear weapons would claim a few lives and obtain the desired objective. If this feature is used, it would be mainly in the battle field as a tactical nuclear weapon. This feature of the B61-12 has made the use of nuclear weapons by the U.S military and this is something that the enemies of the U.S. dread. Knowledge that the US has such a weapn has made the U.S military even more potent and this is the reason it’s considered as a highly effective nuclear weapo

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