USS Zumwalt Class Destroyer -The Stealth Master

In the year 2013, the United States Navy was blessed with one of the stealthiest ships known in the history of mankind – the USS Zumwalt Class Destroyer. The ship is named after the Vietnam War hero, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt. Right now, the Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is undergoing its sea trials and is scheduled to be commissioned in Baltimore in October 2016.

The future of USS Zumwalt Class Destroyer and its role in the US Navy remains to be seen; however, the reason this ship has become the topic of discussion is because of its outstanding characteristics. Bath Iron Works certainly outdid themselves by giving this ship a catlike stealthiness. Let’s discover some of its other features:

About the Ship:

The USS Zumwalt, or as it is more commonly known by its technical name, the DDG-1000, is a high-tech warship. This ship has a net worth of $3 billion. The reason it is called a destroyer is because it has dual characteristics; defensive and offensive. It also has the capability of destroying missiles and can work in all kinds of missions; Individual ones or through collaborating with different groups.

At the moment, the ship is going through various demonstrations and sea trials. Yet, it is expected to become completely operational by the year 2019. While one destroyer is completely ready, the other one is also on course to completion and the construction of the third destroyer also in progress.

The Built Of the USS Zumwalt DDG-1000:

The reason that we said DDG-1000 is defensive is because of its Dual-Band Sonar Radars, which can detect any number of submerged mines in the sea and will help in giving a heads up to the crew during any attack – especially ones that would be too close to the shore.

The USS Zumwalt Class Destroyer is about 600-ft in length and being high-tech, runs on the electric drive system which not only makes this ship swifter, but also less noisy than its diesel counterparts.

Features That Set Zumwalt Apart:

The reason that the Zumwalt is considered one of the stealthiest ships is because of its powerful sensors and SPY-3 Multi-Function Radar. It allows the ship to detect any danger from far away. The structure of the ship is also super convenient; it contains various apertures and a low-key profile. Since the ship is large, it can also hold aerial vehicles, like 2 MH-60R or 3 Vertical Takeoff Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, along with 1 MH-60R.

This electrical power driven ship is equipped with AMI (Advanced Induction Motors) for generating power and IFTP (Integrated Fight through Power) for integrating it.

How Stealthy is the Zumwalt Class Destroyer?  

History might not have seen a ship as covert and sneaky as the DDG-1000 – and that is saying something, considering its hulking size. Even during normal test trials, it is so difficult to hide it that the crew uses giant reflectors to warn other ships of its presence. What makes it interesting is the fact that not only is its own radars super high-tech, but it also has the ability to hide its presence from other ships. So, another crew might be picking up signals of a few fish vessels when on coming close, they’ll discover this giant mammoth of a ship looming over them.

For now, 3 Zumwalt-class destroyers are being prepared and by the year 2019, they will be fully functional.


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