Black Hornet: The Tiny Beast Drone of the U.S Military

Although it weighs only 0.63 ounces, the Black Hornet is the latest in spy technology. As a  tiny unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), it 
 provides superior reconnaissance of enemy positions. Brought forth by Prox Dynamics, this nano drone allows the U.S military to spy on prospective threats. Although it is small, the Hornet helps to save the lives of front line U.S military soldiers. 

Although expensive ($195,000), it is a precision instrument that can easily fit into a pouch pocket or a hand’s palm. A relatively simple drone, the Hornet is equipped with a high-tech camera and and is controlled via a remote device. Through a chest-mounted screen, the pilot or person operating the drone watches the video as it moves towards its target of operation.  A container on the pilot stores the data the hornet sends back. Therefore, if enemies capture the black hornet, they won’t know what the drone saw. The Black Hornet can last about twenty minutes in the air. Furthermore, its range is about two-thirds of a mile and it has the ability to film in normal light and infrared.

The Hornet was first developed in April 2008. However, it was approved for mass production in early 2012 only after it performed several test flights and went through all sorts of tests. At this point of time, the drone is deployed by the U.S military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Understanding the construction of the black hornet drone

Made up of a durable, plastic-shaped shell, the black hornet has an aerodynamic shape which allows it to stand firm against stormy winds. Hidden within its nose, three surveillance cameras are what the tiny black hornet is equipped with. In the complete black hornet system, you will find a base station and two unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). Each UAV or drone has a 120 mm rotor span and approximate length of 10mm. A lightweight drone, the black hornet drone weighs only 18 grams. This includes the weight of the surveillance. In fact, the entire black hornet system weighs less than a kg.

Features of the Black Hornet

Designed for ease of transportation, the aforementioned drone of the U.S military can fit in a soldier’s pocket. Along with their gear, U.S military personnel can carry the entire black hornet drone system. Thanks to the black hornet’s extremely small dimensions, the person operating the drone can use it effectively in threat-prone and congested areas. A good thing about black hornet is that it’s almost noise-free. This allows the person operating the drone to keep it hidden from enemies.

Requiring less than a minute to takeoff, the done is extremely effective in getting the job done, which includes spying on the enemy and providing the military with useful intelligence. For this reason, the military considers it  a significant asset.


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